Overlander Jumbo

Latest Upgrades Include:

1)  Scratch resistant shell, we made the shell 7mm thick

2) Upgraded flooring with powder coated diamond plate

3) New heavy duty latches (Stainless steel wire wrapped in a rubber cover)

4) Upgraded all black ladder

5)Additional hinges powder coated black

6)Upgraded mattress cover

7)Opens on passenger side

Elevate your camping experience with M.I.A.’s largest tent. The Overlander Jumbo is made from water-resistant 300GSM (grams per square meter) fabric, 3000mm waterproof rating, and rip-stop Polly cotton canvas with a polyurethane coating for added protection. The polyurethane coating can protect against corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that would degrade over time. The outer shell is made from ABS plastic, which has a gloss texture to give the shell a shiny and clean look, while still protecting your tent from harmful UV rays. Additionally, M.I.A.’s tents are equipped with a 420D rainfly to keep water out!

*Most tents on the market have outer materials from 200-280GSM with a polyester coating causing increased condensation. 300GSM poly-cotton canvas will keep out any water and creates a quieter cabin feel during those windy nights.

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  • Sleeping Capacity: 3-4 People
  • Open dimensions L/W/H: 81x79x51 inches
  • Closed dimensions L/W/H: 84x51x11.5 inches
  • Mattress L/W/H: 81x79x 2.5
  • Weight: 170 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 700 Lbs
  • Tent Material: 300 GSM Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop
  • Rainfly Material: 420D Polyester/Oxford PU coated 3000mm
  • Zippers: Metal
  • Windows: 3 window openings with heavy-duty mesh screens & hooks to roll up neatly
  • Ladder: Telescoping 7.5′ tall
  • Mounting hardware: Stainless steel
  • Annex room, Awning and Insulator sold seperatley
  • 2qty heavy duty shoe bags
  • 1qty Clothing storage bag and towel pole(inside)


1. Mounting your tent requires a minimum of 2 people to lift securely on your mounting location.  Position your tent on top of the vehicle to open on the passenger’s side.

2. Using the supplied hardware and mounting plates, slide the hardware into the channel so there are 2 bolts per corner (one in front and one in back). Please make sure your vehicle’s racks rating is larger than 180 pounds before placing your tent on the vehicle.

3. Once the bolts are aligned to either side of your racks, place the metal bracket and screw on your lock nuts hand tight.

4. Confirm you are happy with the positioning of your tent. Tighten all nuts until the tent cannot move(double check then triple check). Make sure to check the bolts after each trip to ensure they are tightly fastened.

5. Insert the rubber stops at each end of the rear rails. You may need to use a rubber mallet to be sure they are set securely.

6. Undo the straps on the side of the tent by pushing down on the metal lever.

7. Push the ABS shell lightly and allow the gas struts to open your tent. Hold the rope to make sure it does not get stuck while opening.

8. Unclip your ladders strap and fully extend.

9. Extent your ladder all the way and use it as a lever to open your tents canvas. Do this by pushing down and pulling out.


10. Position your ladder to make sure the flooring is level. Do not place the ladder on uneven surfaces. When adjusting your ladder always make sure you adjust from the top section(DO NOT START AT THE BOTTOM).

11. Install the supplied tension rods to the rainfly and the 2 windows, making sure the rod is securely set into the holes located along the aluminum framing.

12. Kickback and enjoy the adventure.

Tent Construction


Outer Shell

Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic with a gloss finish. Each batch of ABS is made by mixing reflective compound materials(UV Stabilizers) to ensure the shell can withstand the elements as it lives its life on your vehicles roof. We only offer black shells as black is the best combatant to UV rays.

Tent Material

Our tents are made from water resistant 300GSM(Grams Per Square Meter),3000mm waterproof rating, and rip-stop Polly cotton canvas with a Polyurethane coating for added protection. Our tents are also equipped with a 420D rainfly to keep water out!  Our polyurethane coating can protect against corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that would degrade over time.

*Most tents on the market have outer materials from 200-280GSM with a polyester coating causing increased condensation. 3000GSM poly cotton canvas will keep out any water, and a quitter cabin feel during those windy nights.


Front Door and Side Window

Our tent features one large window in the front and two side windows on the left and right side. The top of the tent has a star gazing window for those clear nights(Windfly must be folded over to star gaze). Each opening is equipped with heavy duty anti-mosquito mesh to keep those unwanted creatures out, or roll them up in the morning to enjoy the breeze and an unobstructed view! Our main front opening has a 300GSM Polly Cotton flap that can be rolled up on summer nights and zipped shut on those cold winter days. Both side windows are equipped with batt wing overhangs to help with water run off and can be rolled up to enjoy the outside scenery. All openings are equipped with heavy duty plastic O-rings that allow you to neatly roll them up when not needed

 *we do not offer a plastic star gaze window as these break down over time and rip, rainfly must be folded over to view the galaxy!


Our tents come standard with an 8.5’ telescoping ladder that folds uo and can be stowed away in seconds. 


Our tent includes a non-deforming 2.5” mattress that can be folded in half when the tent is closed. 


Our flooring is made from reinforced plastic honeycombed with aluminum casing that can withstand weight of 650lbs when opened.


All flooring is encased with aluminum for added durability. All inner frame structure is made out of aluminum and stainless steel hardware or rivets. 

Mounting Hardware

4QTY stainless steel mounting hardware and bracket


Our tent includes 2 qty 300gsm shoe racks(outside) and 1qty 300GSM cloth rack and towel holder on the inside. One 4 gallon self pressurizing shower system by WaterPORT.

*Additional accessories include insulator, annex and awning and WaterPORT

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  1. Hunter Brown

    We installed this on a 2017 Forrester. Easy install, easy to open and close. We get questions about it all the time. We are so glad we made the switch from a softshell!

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