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How far apart should my racks be?

The crossbars should be at least 30 inches apart and have a weight rating of 175lbs or more. Cross bars must be in the horizontal position across your roof.

What makes these different from the competition?

  1. Our tents are made from 300GSM Fabric, which allow for a 4 season (5 if there were such a thing) camping experience. Most tents on the market are made with fabric ranging from 200-280GSM.
  2. Our ABS shell is made by bringing UV stabilizers to ensure protection from harmful UV rays.
  3. Price. We are one of the most affordable tents on the market. Our factory has been able to source quality parts in bulk to ensure an outstanding price point to the end user (you!).
  4. Our fabric is treated to ensure it does not fade in the sun. Unlike other companies we do not offer bright color fabrics, we only offer a gray material. Our gray material will not fade and will withstand years of direct sunlight abuse.
  5. A rigorous QC policy! We have an employee based in Hong Kong whose sole job is to watch over production and sign off on each tent before it starts the journey to the US. All tents are inspected and opened to ensure all parts are in working order.
  6. We also offer a few additional accessories. Our tents include a towel rack and cloth bag to ensure all belongs are neatly situated.
  7. Our tent is one of the slimmest clam shell tents on the market. We didn’t like other bulky designs and created ours at just under 11.5″. By being so slim it is possible to rotate the tent to open on either side!
  8. We removed the smelly odors from our mattress. We found most competitors offer a mattress that smells deadly! We worked with our manufacturer to create a non-deforming 2.5″ mattress that does not give off the harmful odor smell!

What maintenance needs to be done to keep my tent in tip top shape?

  • Prior to each trip inspect your mounting hardware to ensure all bolts are securely fastened to your roof rack. Periodically lubricate your hardware threads to maintain a snug fit.
  • Keeping your tent dry after each use is key to your tents longevity. If you are unable to dry your tent immediately make sure to open it up at your next destination and ensure all water has been dried. This may mean leaving your tent open in direct sunlight. Failure to properly dry your tent can lead to unwanted mold, smell and discoloration. Mold and mildew is not covered through MIA Tents warranty as it is a cause of misuse by the operator.
  • Zippers should never be pulled with force or any tools such as pliers or wrenches. Forcing a zipper can lead to permanent damage of your shells outer fabric. Keep your zippers free of dirt and dust, a compressor can be used to remove any unwanted particles. Bees wax can be applied to your tents zippers as a lubricant, make sure to put on an even layer and do not glob.
  • Keeping your ladder clean is very important. Make sure to wipe down your ladder to remove any dirt or any outside particles. A compressor can be used to get any dirt that may be trapped inside.
  • Keep your mattress dry, if the mattress does get wet remove it from your tent and place in the direct sunlight until completely dry. To clean your outer cover, unzip the zipper and place the mattress in the wash.
  • When cleaning your tent be sure to use a mild detergent and warm water free of any particles such as dirt. The outer shell must be cleaned with a new microfiber towel and warm water. Allow your tent to dry before closing.
  • If mold and mildew become present please do the following: Sponge on a solution of 1 cup Lysol mixed in 1 gallon of hot water and allow to dry. Next, prepare a solution of 1 cup lemon juice concentrate and 1 cup of salt in 1 gallon of hot water. Sponge the solution directly on the affected area to rinse out the Lysol solution. Allow your tent to air dry until completely dry.

What makes these half the price as other competitors?

We will keep it simple, we skipped the middle man and passed the savings along to you! Retailers want their piece of the pie, driving costs and in the end costing the consumer. We do not offer fancy color schemes or any electrical plug-ins, we keep it simple and give you everything you need to enjoy your adventure without the unnecessary bells and whistles that just increase cost. Our direct to consumer model helps us keep full control of our tents and allows us to handle all customer questions and concerns. We are able to check each tent and keep a strict quality control procedure during manufacturing. Without the middle man we can use high quality parts and fabrics without increasing our customers costs. The goal at MIA is to offer a quality roof top tent at an affordable price without compromising any manufacturing steps along the way!

Is condensation normal?

All tents incur condensation at one point in your camping career. Although our tents are designed to keep water out with our breathable fabric there will be times that condensation occurs. Temperatures inside the tent will become warm and humid due to lack of air flow and human body temperatures. The best way to prevent excess condensation build up is proper air ventilation, location of your setup and immediately removing wet items from inside your tent. If you have to pack up your tent with any light condensation inside make sure to open the tent and properly clean/ventilate within 24 hours.

How to keep others from taking my tent off my vehicle

One of the most common questions we get! Of course no one likes the fact that a stranger can have the possibility of removing your tent when you are not around. We recommend using a security nut that ensures your tent cannot be removed without the proper tool. Please visit the following link to purchase your security nuts:



Trident™ Nuts are suitable for providing tamper-resistant fastening for a wide range of products using bolts, screws, or concrete and masonry anchoring devices. Trident™ Nuts have been used extensively in correctional institutions, hospitals, universities, public places and retail stores to secure a variety of products. The Trident™ Nut is a tamper-resistant internally threaded fastener featuring a conical design that prevents unauthorized removal. It has 3 indented slots for installation and removal with a proprietary tool.


How long will it take to receive my tent after ordering?

Shipping usually takes 8-10 business days depending on your location. Tents are shipped on a flat rate basis. Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are on increased flat rate basis that is different then the other lower 48 due to the location. The shipping company will contact to schedule a delivery date and time, as it must be signed at the time of delivery. Missing the delivery date schedule and re-delivery may incur additional charges.


MIA Tents must have a valid phone number poor to your tent  leaving our facility. An appointment will need to be scheduled and the LTL driver may need to contact you during the delivery process.

What should I do once my tent arrives?

When your tent arrives please inspect the outer packaging thoroughly to ensure the shipper did their job. The tents outer box should be free of any major damage.


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