A Revolution in Rooftop Tents

MIA Tents was created by Adrian Frick when he realized that the roof top tent market was severely lacking a quality product at an affordable price.

A fellow outdoor enthusiast, Adrian originally founded WaterPORT, a self-pressurizing vehicle shower system specifically designed for those that love spending their time outside. As he began his journey with the Overland boom, he found a catch-22 in the roof top tent market; you either pay an astronomical price for a quality product or opt for a cheaper option and find that your tent is poorly made and cannot withstand the elements. After connecting with one of his factory contacts, he came up with the perfect solution — producing a quality tent at an affordable price that is sold directly to the consumer. By skipping the retailer middleman and creating strict quality control procedures, M.I.A. Tents is able to provide its customers with a high quality roof top tent at a price that keeps customers happy.

Why M.I.A. Tents?

Meet the family, which includes Marissa, Isabel and myself, Adrian, creating the name M.I.A. Tents after brainstorming and combining each of our first name initials. We immediately knew that the name was a perfect fit, as our rooftop tents were designed to get people outside and away from their hectic work schedules and city life. Our hope is that you’re inspired to hop in your vehicle, get lost in the wilderness, and enjoy a comfortable and elevated camping experience under the stars!

Thanks for checking us out!

- Adrian Frick


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MIA Tents

Roof top tents for the outdoor enthusiasts